Resetting my course……with the Happy Flower Day Project

Yesterday, I gave flowers to a cancer patient, four bouquets to toll collectors, 75 to nursing home residents in Wyncote, several passed out at a convenience store and even given to a couple standing on the corner after leaving a funeral. Today, 20 bouquets surprised residents of a dementia unit and tonight 45 bouquets of joy will be given to 45 seniors at a dance. Gas tank filled up three times this week, 420 people received the gift of beautiful petals and blooms….free, no strings attached…..and spent 25 hours on the road with my flower adventures.

I had a conversation with myself this morning. I closed my eyes to meditate. I just felt unsettled.

Trisha, are you sure about this? Is this what God wants you to do?

I answered myself with a Yes.

But I feel like I am an island out in the open sea. I can rescue the flowers but I need someone to rescue me. Everything looks foggy to me about the project. I see the joy. I love being the messenger. But I feel like the Lone Ranger Flower Lady.

I guess I will wait for the Voice. The unmistakable Voice that led me to start doing this this project in May, 2014. The Voice that told me to start picking up day-old flowers from Trader Joe’s and the Voice that told me where to take 11,612 bouquets of happiness.

So I pray the prayer that has served me well countless times in my life. My shorthand prayer to my God.

Dear Lord, please send someone to help. CAM01429
















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