Am I “normal” or just too much thinking outside of the flower box?

So I got all dressed up today. Black slacks. Red blazer. Colorful scarf and jewelry. Looking like I had a real job to go to. Not a close to full-time volunteer job being a Flower Lady. Is this quirky little project normal? Why in the world and how in the world did I get started picking up day-old flowers, seven days a week, every day (but 10) since the end of May, 2013? I think even to me it sounds a little nutty. As I think back over my life and the projects I have been involved in……yes, this is just another thing on the Patricia Gallagher continuum of life that is very “normal” for me! I guess flowers are nature’s way of keeping me calm and happy. I think they must do the same for the 11,612 other people who have been the recipients of the beautiful donated flowers. Thank you, Trader Joe’s. for letting me be the Flower Lady.

Today’s adventures in my random acts of flowering:

Picked up 40 bouquets from the North Wales Trader Joe’s. Went to first nursing home. Unannounced. Struggling with four big white trash bags of flowers. Asked for administrator and told her about The Happy Flower Day Project. She was thrilled and gathered her helpers to assist as she went up and down the hallways passing the flowers out to surprised employees and residents. I gave three bouquets and a Team of Angel pin to a lady filling out a job application. On to the next store for a pickup of 80 bouquets and some potted orchids and little lilac plants. Passed out twenty at a WAWA. Went to a Baptist church luncheon for seniors. I had been there several times before and when the ladies saw me they started clapping and cheering “The Flower Lady came back!” We sang Happy Flower Day to You to the tune of Happy Birthday. Suddenly, all of the lights went out and nobody could see – their food and could barely see each other. In the dark, I told them that I had two bouquets for each person. I went home and for the second day in a row, I gave lots of flowers to the home health care aide who comes in to dress my mother who is in hospice care. She was thrilled to be able to take them to her other hospice patients.

I just came from the dentist and was not feeling very good. You made my day.

My son gave me flowers for Valentine’s Day and they lasted for two weeks. The vase is empty now but not for long. I am going right home to put these in that big blue vase.

It’s my birthday. I can’t believe that you brought flowers for all of my friends.

I am going to visit my sister now. She has cancer.

I was having an anxiety attack right now. These flowers are calming me down.

You know the flowers that you brought last time. I brought them to my daughter. I never give her flowers and I did not tell her that I did’t buy them personally. You gave me a whole bag that day and I put them all around my house and I just went around and enjoyed the fragrance so much.

I am a nurse and I have clients to visit today at a nursing home. If you have extras, I can take them with me to give to them.

My son just got engaged. Wow, this is a nice present for them.

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