Eight Japanese tourists at Burger King probably thinking – she must just be a crazy American!

I had two beautiful orchid plants in gorgeous clay pots and six lovely bouquets. I went into Burger King to get my daily fix of a large chocolate milkshake. I spotted the group – all finely dressed and very classy, The men were sitting at one table and the women at the next table. I couldn’t help myself. Sometimes a flower lady just has to do what a flower lady has to do! I went out to my car and quick as a wink, I went back and in and just smiled and said Welcome. And passed out the orchids and pink bouquets. Only one word spoken to them. Welcome.

They smiled. Laughed. Maybe they are thinking that in the American culture that the flowers were some kind of ritual or rite. I thought of the quote from Helen Keller.

The best and the most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart.

That’s what the Happy Flower Day Project is for me. A hidden blessing that makes me feel good in the heart every day I see a surprised look or smile on a stranger’s face.

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