I “bartered’ flowers for shortage at toll booth….and more!


I usually have my E Z pass but accidentally got into the ticket lane rather than the EZ pass lane. Got to toll booth and was short twenty-five cents. The toll booth taker told me not to worry about it. I gave her what I had. $1.35. Told her I could send her the twenty-five cents she was putting in for me. Then I gave her six bouquets of flowers. She practically fainted!

I was at Rita’s Water Ice and saw a lady who asked about all of the flowers I was carrying. She owned a sandwich shop. I gave her four bouquets. She wanted to return the kindness. She asked me if I wanted to come to her restaurant for a free lunch!

The past few days, I have randomly passed out flowers at McDonald’s restaurants, WAWA stores, a Rita’s Water ice store……on the first day of Spring when so many people were lined up for their complimentary water ice cone and at a Subway sandwich store. And to people who were house-bound and very ill. And of course, my daily visits to nursing homes passing out a message of friendship – wrapped in cellophane filled with beautiful flowers.

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