I put the flowers on the lady’s bed. She is legally blind.


Last week, I went to visit my aunt in a nursing home in Cherry Hill, NJ and gave the flowers out to lots of residents and to the staff. An aide asked me to give a plant to the lady in room 614. “She just asked me if I could get her a plant.”

I went to room 614 and it was empty. I placed the little plant wrapped with gold foil on her bed. I guess she was in the dining room. I forgot all about it until yesterday when I was visiting my aunt in room 612. (This is a picture of my Aunt Anne.)


I heard someone say, “Are you the lady that gave me the plant that was on my bed? My name is Eleanor. I have been wanting a plant for so long.”

How did you know it was me? That I was the one who put it on your bed?

I was in the dining room last week and saw you passing out flowers but I was on the other side and you did not come over my way so I didn’t think there was any for me. Then, I went back to my room and that beautiful plant was waiting for me. Look, I have it on the window sill. It is really growing so nicely. It looks beautiful, don’t you think?

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