The most meaningful flower recipient so far……for me

I only picked up ten bouquets today. I guess Trader Joe’s extra special sell-out holiday is Easter. I took a pretty yellow bouquet to a friend in a nursing home and then took three to a lady’s home who has cancer. I didn’t have enough to pass out to everybody sitting in the lobby of the nursing home.

When I first walked in, I saw two women saying goodbye to the lady in the wheelchair. She clutched her pocketbook as if she was going out for a ride but she wasn’t going anywhere. They had come in to style her hair. As they left to go to their cars, she wheeled her chair over to the window and kept waving goodbye. They did not see her waving for five minutes. They were chatting with each other and walking to their cars.

I gave my friend his yellow flowers and walked to my car. I thought of the six bouquets in my car. I wondered if I should go back and talk to the lady sitting by the window. I was drawn to do that so with six bouquets in hand, I sat down next to her and handed her three bouquets. Three remained in my arms.

For me, are they from a florist? Oh mercy, they are so pretty. I am so sad. Nobody likes me in here. They put things in my food and I get the bumps on my face. They make me wake up too early. I beg them to let me sleep and not give me the food that gives me rashes. Oh, I am going to take these to my room on the first floor. Do I change the water every day? Oh, three bouquets! Can I trade this purple on for a white one? They will all go together and match. Nope, I am going to give two of these away if I get a visitor or two. I don’t know why I am here. I am so mixed up. That is what everybody tells me but I know I am fine. People just don’t like me.

I reached over and gave her the remaining bouquets and hugged her for about 30 seconds and kissed her on the head. Her eyes were moist and then the tears flowed. I hugged her some more.

That impromptu flower visit was no doubt a Divine Appointment.

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