The young girl said, “I can give the flowers out at my father’s memorial on Saturday.”

I was in a nursing home and a young woman was singing a Motown song. The song was IS IT IN HIS KISS sung by Aretha Franklin. I said you are much too young to know that song. “My father loves Motown and I grew up singing songs with him.” She looked to be about 22 years old. We were in the dementia unit.

I left the assisted living after passing out 40 beautiful bouquets. I still had potted plants in the car and two more bags of flowers. I noticed the young girl getting into her car. Her shift was over. I asked her if she would like a few bouquets to perhaps give to her mother, grandmother, aunt, etc.

My father’s memorial service is on Saturday. I would like a few to take to the ceremony.

I asked her is she could use 10 potted plants and two bags of gorgeous bouquets.

My father had COPD. He died last month.

Her eyes filled with tears. And mine did too. We hugged. My car was now empty. My heart was filled with amazement – how these flowering situations unfold!

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