A man stopped me as I was loading flowers at Trader Joe’s today.

Flowers, flowers, flowers. Must have been 300. Could not take them all. A man was watching me. “Are they throwing them away?”

I did not want to give away my secret project. Jeepers, what if he beat me to the punch someday and my bounty would not be there?

I tried to act very professional and share how I was part of a non-profit flower delivery to shut-ins ministry……blah, blah, blah.

I asked what church he belonged to. He told me the name of it. I asked him if he knew Adrienne who runs a bereavement ministry there. In the Philadelphia area. He said that he did know her and that she was of great comfort to his wife when her mother died.

Oh and where did I meet Adrienne and Benny last week?

A lady driving in the car next to me waiting for the red light to change? In Montgomeryville? Yes. That is how things happen for me.

Hard to believe story. Last Wednesday, I was parked at a red light on Route 309. I saw a man with a friendly face sitting in the passenger seat of the car right next to me. His window was wide open and I could see a lady dancing to the music – while waiting for the light to change. She was the driver. She sure looked happy. I said, “Are you listening to Motown music?”

Because that is the kind of music that would have me dancing at a light too.

No, I am listening to Gospel music. I love Jesus.

Could you please pull over to the Staples parking lot? I have something for you.

I don’t know why I said that to her. The words just flew out of my mouth.

She crossed into the lane in front of me. Her name was Adrienne. For some reason, she did what I suggested. It was broad daylight so I guess I did not look too threatening, menacing or unsavory.

We parked next to each other in front of the Staples store. We got out of our cars and just looked at each other like we knew each other. And we hugged. We did not know each other. There must have been a reason for such a bizarre encounter. Or a Divine appointment.

I asked her if she wanted some flowers. She cried. “I asked Jesus this morning for a sign of His love for me. And now here you are – a perfect stranger – you are giving me all of these gorgeous flowers. God is soooooo good. My husband and I were up this way to go to one of those presentations at the Marriot about possibly moving into a long term care senior community – while we are still healthy. I don’t know anything about Gwynned Estates.”

I said, “Oh, that is a great place. I have been there several times with my flowers and Gene who is a good friend of mine lives there and he is very happy.”

She started talking about a lot of the ministries that she is involved in with her church in Germantown. I had been on my way to apply for a job in Germantown and had a portfolio of my stuff placed on the back seat of the car. Resume and such for “show and tell” with the potential interviewer. Did not have an actual interview scheduled. Just wanted to leave my materials at the front desk for the human resource person’s review if she was interested. Copies of a few of my books No More Secrets, Raising Happy Kids on a Budget/em>t and 1a selection of 12 of my Team of Angels pins.


I gave her all of the things that I wanted to drop off for the potential employer.


She exclaimed, Jesus gave me all of these gifts. He is so good all of the time and always right on time.

And then today, 26 miles from where I met Adrienne and Benny, I meet David….the man from her church. The man who asked me about the flowers that I was picking up at the Trader Joe’s loading dock. How could he possibly know Adrienne? How could he be the recipient of these flowers today?

And the church that they both belonged to was located a half hour from there.

One more thing. Two weeks ago, I planned to apply for a job at that church. They have a senior living community that was looking for a part-time activity director. Something that I know I can do. And would like to do. My friend works for the agency that was doing the hiring. She told me to apply but before I actually could get my resume in, she said they had filled the position. Not meant for me then ….but why so many connections to that church?

God sure knows how to connect all of the “flowering dots.”

Guess I wasn’t supposed to apply for that job! The one that I planned to bring all of my books and Team of Angels pins to. And I guess that I am not supposed to be a part-time activity director at a nursing home.

I met Adrienne and her husband last week. Gave them two big bags of flowers to take back to her church. And then today, I gave David two big bags and three pink potted plants.

When one door closes, God always opens another. I am just waiting for the next door to open or maybe it will be another car window on Route 309 blaring Gospel music! What a way to meet new friends.

Oh, and here is a picture two staff members and a resident of a local assisted living facility. Just some people who received flowers as I wandered around another town…..looking for people to surprise with flowers. These pictures are not related to the above story.














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