I get hundreds of request like this every year

Dear Patricia,
My name is Leslie. Could you please send me a free Team of Angels pin? My address is (That part is confidential so I cannot show it here on this post.) I would like to have one to help with a very personal need. Then I will pass it along like you are supposed to do. Someone gave me one. I gave it away but now I need one again. Can you tell me how this Team of Angels project began for you? Thank you.


Hi Leslie,

How did you first hear of the Team of Angels pins? Where were you when someone first gave you one? I am very happy to send you the pin for free but I now need to cover the envelope and postage to mail. I wish that I could continue to send them for free but I can no longer afford to do that. Can you please send three dollars for that? Of course, for the people who live near me, they can stop over and pick them up. At this point, I want to share them wherever they are needed. You asked how it all began for me. I began the project in 1998. I have a free download of the book that I wrote about the Team of Angels on my website. wwww.teamofangels.com
Thank you very much. Sending my best wishes to you for peace in your life.

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