Flowers for shoppers at The Dollar Tree store.

I ran in to get a notebook and noticed a lady buying artificial flowers.

I have some beautiful flowers in my car that I am passing out today – just sort of a random act of flowers project.

How much are they? What is your name? Why are you doing this?

Nothing. I am giving them to everybody I see today. I have lots of them.

“Patricia, Do you think they will last until Saturday? I am having a party and I want to give a bouquet to each of my friends. Wow, my husband will not believe this. You are going to make me cry.”

I gave her the short version about the Happy Flower Day Project.

She held onto my purple copybook and my ten dollars and got into the line. I ran out and got two big bags. 40 bouquets.

Here and there and everywhere……strangers received FREE bouquets of wonderful and beautiful fresh bouquets. 40 OF THEM!

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