Three places….140 bouquets of flowers….blooming 140 smiles!

I started out in the memory care unit and then on to an assisted living section of a very SWANKY senior living community. The activity director had asked employees to bring in vases for today’s flower arranging activity. That was fun for all. Then, we walked around with the flower cart filled with bouquets to overflowing and surprised the housekeeping and kitchen staff with fresh flowers. And many other employees that we met along our travels throughout the various units and on the elevators. And of course, I gave everyone a Team of Angels pin with the poem for getting well. “Maybe you can pass this along to someone who is not feeling well.”


As I left, I passed out four bouquets to the people who were manning the security desk. Two men and two women.

I glanced across the street and saw a senior day care center. I went in and introduced myself and showed my three bags of “flower wares” and Carol, the activity director, was excited to be a part of passing out the flowers to the clients. Probably 30 people there. We sang God Bless America and Happy Flower Day to You – my own original song – sung to the tune of Happy Birthday. And I continued on way of flowering to find others who needed a lift in their day. A floral lift. A random act of flowers.

Stopped by to bring flowers to a lady who is currently going for chemo treatments. Two bouquets for her.

Off to Doylestown to Center Square Towers. Lots of smiles for the residents and I was smiling too – I still am! 45 bouquets taken there.

Just remembered now at 5:54 pm that I forgot to pick up my flowers at the North Wales store. I only went to Jthe Jenkintown store this morning. Filled my car from floor to ceiling there. By 5 pm, they were all passed out from this morning’s batch.

Well, I guess I am not finished for the day yet. There is a part two of flowering today. The evening shift!

I will head over to North Wales now. And then to who knows where with the new batch. Don’t want to waste a bouquet or an opportunity to offer some petals and blooms to surprise someone.

Happy Flower Day to all!



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