Thirty thousand letters received. And all read.


Contact: Patricia Gallagher -The Angel Pin Lady

Cell: 267 939 0365

Philadelphia suburb. May be available on short notice.

Story Idea:

How many angels dance on the head of a Team of Angels pin? Three. Just ask Patricia Gallagher, she offers hope!

The letters come to her in the mail. Thirty thousand of them. All of them in pain. Letters that could break your heart.

“My mom has to buy me a new wheelchair….”

“I am a senior with health problems….”

“I would like a lift…..”

Thirty thousand that she has read. They write to her because perhaps she is a stranger. Perhaps because they are alone. They need to tell her their sorrows. She reads them all. It is the mission of the “Send a Team of Angels to Help” movement that she began in 1998. People write asking for something small – a gold pin with three angels, a poem on a bookmark – but asking for something more. Comfort, hope and someone who cares.

Patricia Gallagher has been sending hope in the mail for over a decade. And passing out thousands of her pass-it-along Team of Angels to people in nursing homes and hospitals. And on the street.

Mrs. Gallagher

I just read about your Team of Angels. What a wonderful idea. I have a friend in Massachusetts that I met over the Internet. She is a lovely lady. She has three boys, triplets. They are now 8-years- old and are beautiful children. She is having a hard time because all three of these boys have Muscular Dystrophy. Their life expectancy is 11- years-old. My heart breaks for her every day. I cannot even begin to imagine the pain that she must be going through knowing that she is going to lose all three children. Would you please write a poem for this lady and be kind enough to forward a copy of the poem to me? If anyone in the world needs a Team of Angels, it‘s this lady.

Mrs. Gallagher,

My 31-year-old sister, Leslie, is mentally retarded and had a malignant brain tumor five years ago. Last week she was diagnosed with two new brain tumors, which are inoperable. The doctors have given her two months to live. My parents are crushed. She does not know her life will be ending soon. It would cause too much worry in her situation. The doctors have prescribed steroids to ease the headaches and say she should slip away in her sleep. In the meantime, my parents must live each day like nothing is wrong. I don‘t usually write to strangers nor do things like this, but I was touched by your desire to uplift people. My dad is retired from the Air Force so I am partial to people who do things for people overseas. I pray that your Team of Angels is a big success!


I am more than overwhelmed. I‘m very severely ill and very much terrified. I need something or someone to help me feel needed and wanted. I feel like a 5th wheel around my family. I have been on bed rest and without visitors for months.

Patricia says, “When you get these letters, you want to be more of a ministry than a business. That is why I have given them out for free. Occasionally, I have offered them for sale so that I could help with the expenses of doing the project. I made the angel pins initially to comfort myself. Then I started making them to give away. I’m not trying to make this any grander than it is. I just think when people give the pins or get the pins, they feel good. I think it is people showing friendship to other people – just caring.”


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