Just heard from another Flower Lady in Ohio

Greetings, Trisha!
To the “Flower Lady” of Pennsylvania from the “Flower Lady” of Ohio. My daughter just moved to the Germantown area of Pennsylvania. Her first day was July 17th. She read the article about you in the Chestnut Hill Local and sent it to me. I hope you have time to meet with me someday when I visit the area. I would love to exchange ideas about how I can expand the flower projects. What a joy it is! Women and men at my church have helped arranged the flowers and helped with distributing at nursing homes, our local senior center and local food bank. I had always hoped to involve some of the people we serve with flowers with the flower projects – a several things happened. At the food bank, one of the clients offered a massive number of peonies from his yard to give to others, another planted flowers in front of the food bank and a group of ladies in the assisted living part of a local nursing home volunteer to take over the flower project in their community – I just drop the flowers off and they take over and spread the love. There are so many stories. What I do is just small compared to your utter devotion. I would so appreciate meeting with you one day. Just wanted to say “Hello” and thank you for all your amazing devotion to others. You are an inspiration.

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