We talk about romantic stories of their beginnings….and the young man that gave them flowers







Of course I give the flowers to the staff and the residents…..and visitors that I meet in the elevator, the ambulance drivers and people in the lobby applying for a job at the nursing. home …..just random acts of flowering!

I think about the conversations that I have with the recipients of the bouquets of flowers – just little snippets of conversations about the boy who gave them flowers when they were starry-eyed teens, about their months of magical courting, where they found their true love and stories about when they married. Enchanted months of courting that made me long for such a time myself.

We stir up memories about graduations, roller-skating in the city, apple-crate scooters, their most embarrassing moments, a special 4th of July memory, how their parents taught them to look on the sunny side of life …..just smiles and laughter about the good old days. They always tell me that they were simpler times back then.

It is usually about a half-hour flower visit but we cover a lot of topics. Their favorite topic seems to be a memory of a high school sweetheart and their pets from the past.

I pass out the flowers and then I smile for the rest of the day.

Here is what happened today. In pictures!





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