A Beat the Heat and Have Fun with Flowers Kind of Day




CAM02248Today, the flowers were arranged in pretty vases – to be placed in the residents’ rooms.

What did I hear today?

Are you the Flower Lady? Remember when you gave me yellow snapdragons on your last visit? Do you know that they lasted over a week? Joy swept through here the day that you and Bob brought us all of those flowers!

I am down in the dumps today. My son is dying in a nursing home in California and I can’t be with him. My name is Charles and his name is Chuck. Chuck is 64. I am turning 90.

I wish that I could correspond with you but I cannot see anymore to write a letter. I was married 78 years. My wife died two years ago. My daughter comes in once in awhile.

I have been married for 62 Years. My wife lives in another nursing home.

I am torn. My wife lives in the dementia care unit. She does not know me. She hasn’t recognized me for three years. I live over there in the independent section. I am in love with another lady who lives here. I am so filled with guilt. I want to let her know that I love her and have strong feelings for her. But how can I? I have to be faithful to my wife. What do you think I should do?CAM02245

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