Please give me your opinion – give out pies or flowers


Pies are nice and I’m sure they would be very well received by the residents, however many seniors, especially those in long term nursing facilities are on regulated diets. Not just the diabetics, but also those that are on CHO, carb control, renal, npo, puree…etc.. would not be able to enjoy the treats…..Your flowers bring joy to many, MANY, residents with very few exclusions . You are “the flower lady”…. ๐Ÿ™‚
D. M.
Flowers, because a lot of the residents are on ground and puree diets! Thanks, Terry

Seniors always seem to like sweet treats. Mary Jane

As for my vote, I’d say that the flowers would be easiest to continue with as the main project, with the occasional pie / yummy being the alternative. I agree that it often feels like everyone has some food-restriction (Gluten-free / lactose-intolerant / diabetes / allergies / etc), and food gifts have been more difficult for me to give to teachers / friends as a result. I would hate to see you do all of that work of collecting the food, only to be turned away. You could, however, be the ‘concierge’ of pies…if a facility wanted to throw a little shindig for the residents, you might be the one to procure the refreshments and the table decorations of flowers…maybe something like that? I know that bagel places (chains, like Einstein, and even little mom & pop shops) have to throw out their unsold inventory each day…my MOPS group used to offer to pick them up and share them with an outreach mission / soup kitchen in Norristown, saving them from the trash and saving the shelter precious budget-dollars. (Panera’s does something similar, sharing their leftover bread products with local shelters) Not sure that you want to be the “Bagel Lady”, but it’s an option if you do decide to change over to food gifts!

Whatever random acts of love you end up pursuing, I know it’ll be awesome! Blessings!

๐Ÿ™‚ Kristen

Dear Friends,
Please give me your vote? Should I continue with the “Random acts of flowers” or switch to “Random acts of pies” for residents and staff? Quite accidentally, I stumbled upon a new project. Just wondering what you think.

Please click the link below for pictures and explanation.

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