Meals on Wheels Program and Tribute to Bob – my volunteer

Hi Patricia~
Loved, loved, loved the article about the Heart of the 91 year old man in  the Chestnut Hill  Local.  I work for the l Meals on Wheels and I would love to talk you more about what you do and perhaps, if you ever need an “inspiration” for “God, who needs the gift of a beautiful bouquet today?”—we can provide an answer with the lovely hearts and souls that we serve meals to– spanning the area from Wyndmoor ( where we prepare the meals on Stenton Avenue) to neighborhoods of Chestnut Hill, Mt. Airy and parts of Germantown as well as Flourtown, Erdenheim and Oreland!  So, please give me a call, send a text or send  me an email.  Would love, love, love to speak with you!  What a beautiful way to help us deliver a meal to some lovely people— so incredible if we can say it with flowers, too!
Would love to hear more about  “ Hearts Away”!!  It inspires me to speak to the loved ones that I have lost—in  this beautiful and personal way!  Thanks for sharing your story!
With Smiles, Lynne
 from current phone 238
The editor of the newspaper asked Lynne if he could print her letter in the paper. This is her response to him.
Good Evening Mr. Lear~
I think I read an email from you today asking if I would like to print my letter to Patricia Gallagher in  The Chestnut Hill Local. I read it on my cell phone.  Of course, I now cannot find that email.  I am one of those “technologically challenged” people—so I hope that you will please bear with me.  I apologize!
Perhaps, if we print it—I should do some editing– as I reread it—I discovered a “typo” —also  I would delete my personal cell phone number.
Again, my apologies for  not being able to locate your  recent email.
I did speak to Patricia today and she was just a delight and a truly incredible lady!  What amazing  work she does—it gives new meaning to the Language of Flowers and she did share that the gentleman with that beautiful heart passed away!  I would hope that this letter would  and could be a  tribute to him! 
I hope that we can be in touch!
With many thanks and appreciation,

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