Letter received today: “The Team of Angels bookmarker means a lot to me. “

I get a letter like this about twice a week.


Hello Patricia,
I received the Team of Angels for the Overwhelmed bookmark and angel pin. I was so overwhelmed to receive it because I am so overwhelmed right now. It really means a lot to me. I have the time to write now and hope that you will write back.

A loved one of mine passed away on June 20. We went together for over 20 years. We loved each other and took care of each other. He had to have his left foot taken off – under the knee. He was a smoker and the stump healed slowly because of the smoking. He had just a little pencil hole wound when the doctor shocked him and me and told him that he was admitting him for the surgery to remove his leg. He was fitted for a fake leg and everyone was excited but he never did walk. I don’t know how to spell that word that begins with a p – I think it is pros- thee-sus. Days before his death he would cry, yell and scream. A neighbor told me that he has that look in his eye that he is going to die. I would stay with him all day until about six at night. He would say to me, “Don’t leave me alone. Don’t go home at night. I do not want to be by myself.”

I had to go home to get my rest. Now when I go outside, I see him all over. But just in my mind because he is gone forever. He never wanted to go into a nursing home. I love and miss him much. It is bad for me. He was 62. One morning, I found him and he had passed away.

Your Team of Angels poem for the overwhelmed helps me every day when I say the prayer. Can you please write me back?

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