I would love to combine my love of being the Flower Lady with this paid position!

Letter that I sent after my interview for the Volunteer Hospice Coordinator position. My dream would be to somehow make the delivery of flowers an integral part of visiting the seniors who are enrolled in Meals on Wheels programs and at home or in nursing home comfort/hospice care. What if I could start a national campaign and bring this project to a level that it would serve thousands of people on a daily basis?  Prayers, dear friends, for God’s will to manifest in my life for His vision for how to serve Him. My religious upbringing taught us to ask God to know Him, to love Him and to serve Him in this world. Some things you just never forget from first grade Catechism lessons.




Good Morning, Teri

As I thought about the position of Volunteer Coordinator for Grane Hospice, I reflected upon what a privilege that it would be to a part of your hospice team. I know from personal experience that things change quickly when a loved one is under the care of a home hospice team. I appreciated so much the peace of mind that I felt when the hospice team came to evaluate my mother’s situation and set things in motion for volunteers and caregivers to tend to her needs.

You need someone who is flexible and understanding. I bring a unique set of skills and experience. I have worked both in the behavioral healthcare and senior living care field, had both of my parents in the Doylestown Hospice system and have a spiritual connection to this type of work. I would work very well with your Hospice Chaplain to augment his mission.

I know that detail-oriented documentation is required to log volunteer hours.  I have offered in-service training for employees in a variety of settings. I understand the importance of interviewing families about their needs, volunteer training for accident prevention and the discipline of in-service training to ensure quality volunteers.

As the Director of the Stories for Seniors Project, the Happy Flower Day Project and the Team of Angels Outreach Program, I have been responsible for planning, recruiting, coordinating, assessing and management of volunteer activities. And have implemented volunteer recognition programs.

As a business woman, I worked in tandem with hundreds of volunteers, directors of senior living communities as well as administrators and staff.

I understand the importance of social media and have knowledge of a variety of software programs. I have contacts with local service organizations. I am comfortable speaking in front of groups to share information about Grane Hospice. I know that diplomacy, tact and interpersonal skills are an integral component when handling highly confidential and sensitive information.

Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to sharing ideas with you.


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