Speaking Engagements – a cheery and flowery topic for your meeting?

patricia_speaking wel with lots of flowers

Patricia Gallagher, The Flower Lady, welcomes the opportunity to share the story about how a simple phone call to Trader Joe’s inquiring about what they do with their extra flowers…….has launched a non-profit organization that has bloomed more than 21,000 smiles.

Would the members of your service organization, church congregation, garden club, Rotary, Kiwanis Club, or business like to hear the speaker share about a program that is beginning to spread nationwide?

Director and Founder Patricia Gallagher would love to share the mission of the Happy Flower Day Project and tell you lots of amazing stories about how a simple gesture of  flowery kindness has randomly blessed people in shelters, nursing homes, hospices, hospitals, half-way houses and hundreds of other places.

To schedule a speaking engagement, please contact Patricia at 267 939 -0365. (Cell)


Frequently Asked Questions

• How/when/where did you get started in this outreach? What was your inspiration?
 How did you go about setting things up?
 How did the project grow and change?
• Who helps you with the Happy Flower Day project? Do you have people who regularly volunteer to help? Do different people help at different times?
• How have different recipients responded? Any story that particularly stands out?

Patricia brings hundreds of beautiful donated bouquets to strangers ever week!


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