“Your flowers improve the mental health of so many people.”



CAM02245Patricia_Giving067Someone just told me how “green” that I am – environmentally green, that is.
Your organization has re-purposed and recycled thousands of flowers but the best part is what the flowers have done for a person’s mental health. You have improved the mental health of so many people.

Have you ever felt a little blue? Maybe wanted to stay in bed all day? A lot on your mind? Feeling that your life does not mean much to your family? Maybe not have much in terms of a family that visits. It is hard to keep your spirits up when life throws you a few curve balls regarding health, finances, love. But for most of us, the fleeting thought passes. We hop in the car, call a friend, run to the refrigerator for a snack or just wait the feeling out. We have more options for activity and the ability to take a ride or go walk in a park – when we want to shake the blues.

Life isn’t the way it used to be. Why hasn’t God taken me? I have no one that visits me.

That is what I hear day after day – little bits of that same theme is shared with me when I give someone a bouquet of flowers. I love hearing words of appreciation about why they are happy about receiving a flower visit.

Sometimes it is just the smallest thing that can make a day brighter for a person in a nursing home.

I am hoping for a miracle now. I would like to continue doing the Happy Flower Day Project – to make it grow – grow nationwide. I am just a one man band, in a sense, with the project. In order to sustain it, I need a Team of Angels to help. Please say a prayer that someone will come into my life with the funds to pay me a salary and cover the expenses to continue doing this.

Since May of 2013, I have had the privilege of passing out 21,354 bouquets of flowers…..and saved that many from going into a dumpster  –  instead blooming smiles to thousands of surprised recipients.

Thank you!


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