Flower Project – may be starting up in Massachusetts too!

Hello Patricia,

I was very inspired by your interview on the radio show a few weeks ago.  I also work with angels and I am very interested in this project, because I want to bring this to my community too.  My husband is  a Deacon, and has been doing some communion calls at some assisted living places in the area.  So I thought this is a way to begin the project and to spread this idea,  to the community and parishes too. To encourage outreach for all in our area and surrounding towns.  I would love to speak to you sometime about how you got started, and how I implement this project here.  

Its funny I have a brother in the Philadelphia area, and I was just there for a family wedding this summer.  Some of the nursing homes you have listed on your site, are some of the places we drove by.  Feel free if you have some time to please call me.  And if I am in the area, I will definitely let you know.
I look forward to receiving your Team of Angels pins.
Peg from Massachusetts104 year old lady salem senior center

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