Depression affects the whole family….what WHYY said after our radio interview

When someone in your family is depressed, it affects the WHOLE  family. John and Patricia Gallagher will be sharing their story and their book “No More Secrets – A Family Speaks about Anxiety, Depression and Attempted Suicide.” Their mission is to help others. Inspiring,  helpful and hopeful.

“I have been doing this radio show for 22 years and I don’t remember ever being so deeply touched by a family’s story. Your daughters are beautiful both inside and out.” Dr. Dan Gottlieb, Voices in the Family, WHYY Public Radio 
I read your family’s book. Once I picked up, I couldn’t put it down. I cried through John’s story. Those of us who have not personally experienced depression, just can’t understand the experience. What a gift it was to all of us for John to be so honest. Your story and the stories of your children are also very moving. The love that has been the glue to hold your family together is truly amazing.
—- Evon L. Bergey, MSW, LCSW; Magellan Behavioral Health Services

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