Flowers are a cure for the blues!

Meet the Flower Lady – who delivers surprise bouquets to those hurting, or lonely in her community. 23,612 bouquets of free fresh bouquets have been passed out since May, 2013.
The problem is that she spends a hundred dollars a week in gas and tolls and can no longer afford to do it. Patricia Gallagher’s volunteer job is distributing day-old bouquets that would otherwise be thrown away to the residents of nursing homes, hospitals and other places in Philadelphia and the suburbs. Her “Happy Flower Day” project has touched thousands of people and provided her with a “whole new world of giving.”
The Happy Flower Day project was born in May 2013 after Trisha attended a fundraising event put on by a non-profit organization. Flowers for the event had been given by a specialty supermarket. They asked Trisha’s daughter, who worked for the organization, if she knew of any hospitals or nursing homes that might want some of the flowers they would be throwing away.
Patricia contacted the store and asked if she could pick up the flowers every morning – seven days a week.
“I am addicted to the happiness that I feel when I give away the bouquets,” she says. “I’ve watched lots of people eagerly grasp the flowers, smelling them, touching them and holding them close to their hearts.”
Trisha is rewarded with surprised smiles and grateful hearts.
Her own heart is broken now because her dear mother who went along with her on many visits passed away.  She would like to continue the project in her mother’s name. Her mother was 88 years old. She has used her personal savings and is hoping that someone will hear of her project and contribute gas money and toll money so she can continue bringing petals and blooms to folks who need a little sunshine in their day.

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