This makes me smile!

When I moved to Limerick this past summer, I arranged for a local nursing home to pick up the flowers that I normally picked up from that location. I started my new Happy Flower Day pick-ups at the Trader Joe’s that was closest to my new home. I just received this email from the Program Director at the nursing home about how they are using the flowers. They began joining the project in June, 2014 so they have been the recipients of thousands of beautiful bouquets!


Yes, Trader Joe’s is still leaving beautiful bags of flowers for me to pick up on dock about 9:00 AM. On Fridays,  I usually get about three to four bags worth of flowers. It’s wonderful. We are doing flower arrangements with different level of care units,  mostly on  Monday and Fridays. On Wednesdays,  the flowers go out to our hospice patients in the community. It has been such a joy for all that get them. Will talk soon. Hope all is well with you. Mona

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