Article in Angels on Earth Magazine. February Issue – “Say It with Flowers!”

angel on earth cover jan feb 2015 issue

Jan/Feb 2015 Issue of Angels on Earth Magazine – Division of Guideposts Magazine
By Patricia Gallagher


For the last two years I’ve been picking up day-old bouquets from Trader Joe’s and delivering them to anyone I think needs a bit of beauty—nursing homes, half-way houses, even bus stops and train stations. I call it the “Happy Flower Day Project.”
In the beginning my little project helped me cope while my mother struggled with health problems. Becoming the Flower Lady got me up and dressed with something positive to focus on. I have a few places I visit regularly, but when I feel led somewhere new I walk in and ask a nurse or manager if I can bring in the blooms.
Giving someone flowers out of the blue always gets a smile, and even the Trader Joe’s employees are happy they don’t have to throw out perfectly good flowers.

By the grace of God, I’ve helped smiles bloom on almost 31,000 faces, and I’m just getting started. God, who needs a beautiful bouquet today?’

(Patricia welcomes interviews and speaking enagements. May be available on short notice.)1416933159602

Patricia Gallagher, Box 561, Worcester, PA 19490
Phone: 267 939 0365

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