Just received this letter from a lady who wants to do The Happy Flower Day Project!

Hello Patricia ... I loved your testimony in the Angels on Earth magazine and wonderful life changing acts of 
kindness. You offered a pdf to be sent on How you contacted Trader Joe's and other 
important information. I have always loved giving. When my husband of 30 years passed away - I learned it in an even greater depth 
that we are love and when we stop loving it hurts. When I give love it feels 
good. To fill the gap of the love I had for him I began giving acts of kindness 
expressing love to strangers and those along my path. I love surprises!! So I 
gave surprises. God's Name "Wonderful" means full of miracles and surprises. I 
believe in miracles and saw they day after day. I started giving whenever I was 
anxious or grieving to bless someone else and how much it blessed me and helped 
me daily overcome grief with new found courage. I was widowed at 47 and I am now 
61. Bless you Patricia! Here is my phone number. I would love to talk to you. 

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