How I “Found My Happy” Tonight!

I had a little party at my house this afternoon. As I was cleaning up, I remembered that I still had the flowers in the car. Six trash bags of them. About 60 bouquets. I went to a senior low-income housing apartment building. I buzzed the doorbell and told the lady in the wheelchair that I had flowers to pass out. “Oh, we are having BINGO and card games tonight at 7 pm.”

I loaded the flowers into a couple of green shopping carts and took them down to the recreation room. Five ladies had already started their card game… but they gladly put that on hold so they could select the flowers.

The lady who let me in – Sally – had asked me to leave two bags next to the elevator. She wanted to be the one to tell everybody about the surprise.

As I was arranging the flowers, she said,” I am calling everybody.”

“Yes, Margaret. This is Sally from downstairs. They are real. Real flowers for free. You better hurry up and get down here if you want to get them. They sure are a blessing.” 

“Hi Esther. This is Sally. There is a surprise waiting for you down by the elevator. It is like a miracle. I am stunned. Hurry down, you can choose the one that you want. No, I am not telling you what the surprise is…..but you can put it on your kitchen table. And it is smaller than a breadbox. No more clues. That’s it.”

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