Help Make the Happy Flower Day Project – go viral – anybody can do it, anywhere in the world!

This empty-nester mom has a cause! Baby Bridget and I are “on the go” and having the time of our lives! We are flowering for a simple reason – to bring joy to people who need a little gift of petals and blooms. A little day-brightener!
For two years I’ve been picking up day-old flowers from Trader Joe’s and delivering them to anyone that I think needs  cheering up. On my regular rounds, every morning, I visit hospitals, nursing homes, recovery houses, people who are ill at home, even catch people stopping in for coffee at WAWA and Starbucks. People pumping their gas all get a surprise bouquet – no cost, no strings attached.
Just a big and beautiful bouquet!  I even go to train stations and bus stops. I call this my Happy Flower Day Project.  To date, I’ve watched smiles bloom on  32,000 faces.
I have a new grand-daughter, Bridget, who is 7 months old. When I watch her, she joins me with her cute little “melt your heart” smile. She is a natural happy tonic, better than medicine for the nursing home residents……when we go on  “random acts of flowering capers.”
A baby and a bouquet. A perfect way to start my day! We hand flowers to anyone who seems to need them.
I simply say, “God, who needs a beautiful bouquet today?” An idea pops into my mind and then I am off to an AIDS Hospice, a cancer treatment center or even a doctor’s office with people who just need something bright and cheery to focus on.
Thank you.
Here is a video:
Can you please share with anyone that you might know that is in the media or with your social media friends? There are day-old flowers all over the world. Let’s do this project in cities all over the USA, Canada, Japan, Brazil…….millions of flowers and millions of people can be surprised by a random act of receiving a bouquet of flowers from a stranger. Let’s change the world one bouquet of flowers at a time. It is free and fun!


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