I gave her flowers – she offered to bake me a cake

Last Sunday, I adopted a dog, Eddie. Actually, he was Katelyn’s. Since she had the baby, he has been an extra bit of work and I offered to adopt him.  He is 15 years old. I took him with me “flowering” on Saturday and Sunday. One lady at Golden Living said, “It has been so long since I petted an animal. Can he stay with me for five more minutes?  It feels so good to pet a dog.”

A few recent places – this past week

  1. Golden Living Nursing Home – Germantown,  54 bouquets
  2. Ivy Hill Nursing Home – Cheltenham,  84 bouquets (staff, visitors, and residents)
  3. Abington Hospital – 35 bouquets
  4. Wesley Enhanced Living – 78 bouquets
  5. Arden Court Memory Care – Warminster
  6. Hillcrest – 63 bouquets
  7. Cadbury – 35 bouquets
  8. The Birches – 52 bouquets
  9. Chester County Rehab – 64 bouquets
  10. Harlee Manor – 32 bouquets
  11. Elkins Crest – 68 bouquets
  12. Three people walking their dogs in an over 55 community
  13. A lady sweeping her step as I drove past her house – modular home park
  14. A lady getting into her car in a parking lot – modular home park
  15. Two ladies at Wells Fargo Bank ATM n Flourtown (I gave her a bag of flowers, maybe 7 bouquets. She gave me her business card and told me to call her and she would bake me a cake for a special occasion. She teaches cake decorating classes at Michael’s  Arts and Crafts store.
  16. A lady going through a serious health challenge
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