People with cars broken down on road – flowering opportunities


I was just thinking about some of my favorite flowering capers – and I love surprising people with bouquets when it appears that they are having a bad day. Yep, folks with cars with dead batteries in mall parking lots, two ladies near tears after a fender bender accident on Egypt Road in Audubon, a tractor trailer with its big hood raised –  parked on the edge of Route 73 with two burly truck drivers sitting on the grass….waiting for some type of assistance……..and of course the turnpike toll collectors and the cashiers at the McDonald’s drive-thru restaurants. And ladies at the senior centers’ gyms doing their exercises and folks learning line dancing, seniors at the VFW dances and at the Polish Home, flowers for “Senior Citizen Proms,”  and men doing construction work on Markley Street and people who are ill at home, people waiting for their doggies to be groomed at a posh dog grooming place, dental office waiting rooms, cashiers at mini-marts and customers,  people shopping in retail stores, valet parking attendants, person collecting parking fee at Abington Hospital pigeon-hole parking lot, folks walking to their cars in a hospital parking lot, people walking dogs126.

….and of course lots of nursing home home residents and hospital patients. (You will see a lot pictures of staff with the bags of flowers,  because they help me to distribute them. In some places, I am not able to take pictures of the residents because of the privacy laws.)

035, 054059326325136059125104466330329418419413 414 413173 174  176 177 178 179 180           191 192189187183184182181180179177176174173071   075 076 077  081075 416415

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