I was in the doctor’s office – another flower “pass it along” opportunity

I was in the waiting  room for a dermatology check-up appointment and passed out 10 bouquets to patients and 12 to the staff. A man asked me if I had ever gone to a facility near Quakertown.  He and his wife were on their way there to visit a friend. He asked if he could have an extra bouquet for his friend. “Would you like more than one?” He kiddingly said he could use a whole bag of flowers.  I guess there were about 20 beautiful bouquets in the white trash bag.

I just received an email from the activity director there.


A man and his wife brought flowers to us that were given to him by you. We immediately arranged them in vases. His wife used to volunteer here and his daughter-in-law works here. Thanks so much.

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