Seeing my mother’s friends now in nursing homes while flowering – grateful


I am more grateful than ever that I have the Happy Flower Day Project as a purpose each day. At least once a week, I meet someone that I knew from “way back when…..” – the parents of my friends, my mother’s neighbor, someone from an organization that I belonged to a long time ago. These seniors are about my mother’s age – she would be 89. I look into each of their eyes, I give them a bouquet and I wish them everything that I would wish for my own mother. I pretend that each person that I see is my parent or me in 20 years…..what would I want someone to do for my mother or for me? Being the Flower Lady is a cherished gift. I can never feel blue or down in the dumps. When I know that the beautiful bouquets are brightening someone’s day……someone like my mother or her friends, I smile and thank God for the opportunity to share the 34,124 bouquets of flowers donated by Trader Joe’s during the past  two years.

Just some pictures of my daily “random acts of flower-ing around the Delaware Valley area.


Patricia_Giving077093Patricia_Giving067095099100 116123125173137133132126Patricia_Giving064Patricia_Giving061Patricia_Giving085Pennypack_Park_photos_025CAM00280CAM00281Pennypack_Park_photos_043Patricia_Giving110CAM00278

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