Imagine this scene – knocking on doors and passing out flowers!

I visited a senior living apartment building. Placed the flowers on a large table in the lobby. Bouquets and little plants. People gathered pretty quickly when the word spread that there were flowers for free. Gave flowers to residents, visitors and staff. Random acts of flowering is always joyful for me and a pleasant surprise for the recipients.

One lady asked if she could take a lot of the bouquets  up to the fifth floor where there were people who could not come down to get them due to a disability. I asked if I could go with her. She knocked on each door.

“Who is it?”

“It’s The Flower Lady and me. We have a surprise for you.”

Here are a few photos from recent flower delivery excursions! Just some pictures from “here and there.” Wherever the Flowering Spirit leads me to share the blooming bounty.

20150318_13272220150325_13545220150325_13563920150501_13445320150330_112529 20150330_11254020150330_111429

20150330_111433 20150510_10235020150318_132623

231 20150330_111321 20150330_111422

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