A special lady needs cheering up – can you please send a card to her?

The Sunshine Club for Aunt Anne Needed:

This project will end on December 31, 2015. Not ongoing

There is a wonderful lady in a nursing home who really needs some sunshine in her day and in her life. Her family members live out of state, in Iowa, New York and cities a great distance from where she lives. She does not have many visitors, cards or phone calls. Because she cannot hear, she has felt isolated and “like I live in another world” or “in prison” ….. she cannot be  a part of any conversation with staff or other residents.

She cannot hear the television, talk to her room-mate or staff, converse with people at the lunch table or hear the phone ring. (There is a possibility that she may get hearing aids this month.) The CNA told me today that she lays in bed and cries a lot. She is in a wheelchair and has to put placed in bed as she does not have the mobility to use the bathroom or be independent in that regard. She is 88 years old. She is my Aunt Anne.

I know this lady very well ……and know who she was before her health declined and she could no longer be cared for at-home. She volunteered at her church for 50 years, ironing altar cloths, visited the sick, took care of elderly relatives and was active in the PTA. She worked for the school district as a secretary. She enjoyed bus trips with her two senior groups. Loved to travel with her husband. She adopted two children and raised a grandson. She sent cards to all of her relatives for birthdays, graduations, and to celebrate other milestones. She hosted family picnics and Thanksgiving dessert parties. She baked the best chocolate cake ever. She played the piano and the oboe in the high school orchestra. She lived her life in service for others. She used to crochet, knit, and embroider gifts for all of us. She liked to play cards. Her arthritic hands do not allow her to do that anymore. She likes Junior Mints candy and always had a crystal bowl of candy on her coffee table.

Because of some tough circumstances, her life has narrowed down to living in a small room and she is very sad. When I left today, she was crying in bed. I wondered what I could do to help her. She feels very much alone.


Everybody has an extra card laying around, right? Just a word or two written on a greeting card would mean the world to her.

She loves to read and she loves inspirational poems, prayers and stories. I would like to do something special for her. I live an hour from the nursing home. Can we start a “viral” campaign to send her lots of greeting cards? If you send them  to me,  I will take them to her every few weeks. Today is May 26th. Can we send her 1500 cards? (I will share THE SUNSHINE CLUB CARDS and whatever else…… with the other residents too! I was told that 60 percent of residents do not have any visitors.)

Can you please share this request with FB friends and other friends, co-workers and maybe an organization that you belong to? What can we do to surprise her, enrich her life, make her feel useful and happy again?  The Internet is an amazing thing – I think we might just be able “by the grace of God” do something for Aunt Anne that will give her something to look forward to every day. Can you please help? Anything that you would like to do?)

Thank you so very much.

Sometimes it is the smallest things that can brighten a person’s day: a card, a note, a cheerful act of kindness in any form.

Please send them to me at:

Aunt Anne, Patricia Gallagher, Box 561, Worcester, PA 19490

My email is: yngsparro@aol.com

Phone: 267 939 0365

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