Sometimes a conversation tears you apart- Albert today at nursing home

Albert could not hear unless I leaned right up to his ear and spoke closely. I was asking the group of ten people, sitting in wheelchairs at a nursing home where I had taken flowers,  to share an act of kindness that they experienced in their lifetime. An act of kindness that they would never forget.

When I was fourteen, someone saved my life. I was drowning and he jumped in to save me.

OMG. The group paused at the thought and the scene he described. Albert is 90 years old. He was just a young kid trying to cool off on a hot summer’s day.

He continued his train of thought. Pensively and tearfully.

All of my life, almost every day, I think of the man who saved me. I feel good that I lived but there is so much sadness knowing that he drowned while trying to save me. I lived. He died.

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