Sunshine Card Club for Aunt Anne – received 4 cards this week

photos up to nov 17 033

This project will end on December 31, 2015. Not ongoing

This is a picture of Aunt Anne. She loves greeting cards and opening mail. Her days in a small nursing home room are pretty bleak these days as most of the relatives live out of state and she does not get many visitors. The staff lost her hearing aids so she has not been able to hear for five months. Everybody has an extra note card/greeting card and stamp laying around, right?

Can you just write a little message of good wishes to Auntie Anne? She loves holy cards, religious articles, jokes, recipes and other things that you might be able to fit into an envelope. Maybe a picture of your garden, your grandchild, a vacation photo….anything that can just brighten her day.

Her mind is sharp but she does not seem to have any reason to get up in the morning. Her spirits are low. My idea is that people will send cards to my PO BOX and I will take them down to her. She lives about an hour from me. Hopefully, she  will have 5 cards each day to open. We will hang them up and share with the other residents too.

Today, I went to my box and saw 4 cards. They were from Morrisville, Ocean City, Havertown and Philadelphia. Can you please share this request on your social media venues? With your co-workers, an organization that you belong to, with your friends? This  Sunshine Project will mean so much to her. Thank you very much. I am sorry that I will not be able to respond to everybody who sends a card but please know that your random act of kindness will mean so much to Aunt Anne. Let’s see if we can get the Sunshine Club for Aunt Anne to go viral. Thousands of cards for her and the other residents. Wouldn’t that be grand?

Please send to:

Aunt Anne

Patricia Gallagher, Box 561, Worcester, PA 19490

My email is:

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