Odd places for the flowers today – gas station with the amazing Mexican young man and others!


1. I watched a lady pull into the parking spot next to me. She hit the car next to her car. A big gash and dent. She knew she banged it. I wondered if she would just pull out and leave the scene. She took a piece of paper and left a note on the windshield and I watched as she waited for the person to return to the damaged car. The person who looked at the car was very upset. While they were exchanging info, I grabbed a piece of scrap paper and wrote a note to the lady who did the damage. I witnessed how you did not just drive away. A lot of people would have just done that. I know that you are very upset. I would be too. I grabbed a beautiful bouquet and the note and was going to put on HER windshield but she returned at that moment. Her eyes teared up and she thanked me.

2. At a WAWA in NJ, I gave flowers to the man who pumped my gas. Oh, thanks so much. My daughter graduates tonight.

Then, I asked if he wanted a couple of extra for other family members so 3 for the graduate and her family members.

3. A young man came over, another WAWA employee. I asked him if he would like some for his mom, girlfriend, aunt or grandmom. He smiled and said yes. I went into WAWA to get a soda and when I came out, he asked me about why I pass out flowers. I told him how Trader Joe’s donates them to me and I take them to hospitals and nursing homes. He reached into  the window with a bunch of dollar bills. “Ma’am, here take my tips. I want you to have them. It will pay for your gas.” Of course, I would not take tip money from a young man about 18. I asked what country he was from. He said Mexico. My eyes teared up at his very kind gesture.

4. I asked a young man for directions.  He answered my questions cheerfully. Yes, he got two bouquets. Rockledge area.

5. 50 bouquets went to Cadbury Nursing Home in Cherry Hill, NJ.

All in a day’s work……flower work, that is!

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