Auntie Anne received riddles, picture of Oscar the cat and drawings from little kids

Aunt Anne loved the riddles, cards from little kids……and the bouquets of flowers


Blaine and Cynthia from SC had a novel idea. They bought a bunch of very pretty greeting cards and put a message – Greetings from Asheville, South Carolina and a few other words. Enclosed was a large piece of paper with a riddle and a graphic. Simple and cute riddles that made Aunt Anne smile. And then read over again to the next person that came in the room for their enjoyment too. They enclosed extra cards that I could give to her room-mate Margaret. Margaret happily opened three cards.

Barbara P from Florida sent a pretty card with a nice note and enclosed a picture of Oscar, her cat. She said that she would write again to see how she was doing.

And lots of colorful drawings and letters from the second and third graders – kids with names like Cole and Asher…..asking her if  she likes camping, BINGO and telling all about themselves and their families. And their excitement about summer vacation. And most of them signed with the word Love!

Thank you, everybody. Auntie Anne, Baby Bridget and some family members spent an hour and a half with her enjoying cold lemonade, cookies and a nice pile of  happy thoughts. All of the staff and residents loved the beautiful bouquets donated by Trader Joe’s.20150628_13130420150628_131351

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