The Case of the Stolen Flowers – “The Who Did It” Mystery

Baby Bridget, my little flowering partner, needed a nap. No flowers to deliver due to stolen snapdragons, tulips, roses and the like. Maybe we both needed a break but the poor ladies were terribly disappointed. I did have a big white bag left over from yesterday but after looking at them decided they were not up to the “quality control” that the Flower Lady and her baby flower partner expect. Had to throw them away.


Friday and Monday, I was quite disappointed. I had groups of seniors awaiting the arrival of the bountiful bouquets – I go to those two nursing homes once a month. They know when the Flower Lady is coming and they wait excitedly for me to come in laden with the beauty of flowers and the wonderful fragrance. I called Trader Joe’s to confirm and they said the flowers were in the cart in the back of the store waiting for me. Sadly, before I got there on both days, someone else came by and snatched them.

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