I am grateful today for the stores that donate beautiful bouquets!

When I went to the store, there were five red shopping carts, two small boxes and the black container that you see sitting on the top of my car. Flowers waiting for me. I stood there looking at all of the flowers and wondered how I would ever fit them in my car. A lady about my age walked by and asked if I needed help. Another person inquired if I bought all of the flowers for a funeral. Phyllis handed me the flowers and somehow by the grace of God, they all fit.

The Happy Flower Day Project is dedicated with love, admiration and awe to all of the people whom I have met while delivering flowers to hospitals, nursing homes, halfway houses, churches, shelters and even people waiting at bus stops and train stations along the way. I would like to extend my boundless gratitude to stores that generously donate flowers. And to the thousands of sweet senior citizens who shared stories, lovely smiles and appreciation as I spontaneously shared bouquets of flowers with them. Thank you for allowing me to become “The Flower Lady.” Wishing love, peace and flowering joy to the whole world!



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