A Few Links to My Flowering Adventures!

Just musing today about the Universal Language of Flowers.
My loving mother Claire Mohan and our friend Bob Goodwin were cheerful volunteers with the Happy Flower Project. Lots of friends encouraged me to keep on flowering. There were times when I wondered where I was heading with all of this. I would like to thank everyone who “flowered with me” or “shared a few dollars” to help with the gas and toll expenses. I am thankful to Ruth Anne, Bette, Annette, Paul, Ginny, Marlene, Barbara, Connie, Sharon, Edie, Lisa, Linda, Annabella, Priscilla, Meira, Hannelore, Glenda, Marcy, Susan, Bill, Mary Pat, Addison, Ken, Eshowe, Elizabeth, and other members of the Circle of Miracles. I thank all who supported me. And a special thank you to Charles Tornetta and Daniel Polett. Thank you to my loving family for your encouragement. You are all important petals in the flowering circle of love! And a lovely and flower-ly expression of gratitude to “B” who believed in me and by her kindness, she brought cheer to so many seniors.

Links to Videos:

Why I Flower!

Lots of people receiving free bouquets!

Just a 15 minute stop to deliver flowers!

When a church needed flowers and I popped in by surprise with flowers!


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