Add a little flowering fun to your life!

Someone asked me if I only took flowers to geriatric facilities. The truth about flowers and me: I love surprising people especially if they are having a bad day. Such as folks experiencing car trouble and the two ladies near tears after a car accident. It is always fun to surprise the turnpike toll collectors, people in the Giant and Dollar Tree parking lots, folks in a doctor’s office, hospices, shelters, rehabs, construction workers, people at a car wash, those waiting for buses and trains, day care workers, senior center staff, and cashiers at the McDonald’s drive-thru windows. Lots of people are delighted: people taking exercise and line dancing classes and seniors dancing at the VFW and Polish Home. Not just flowers for seniors! Flowering is an opportunity for joy that I don’t want to miss. Patricia_Giving048

missmaiken scott whyy flowers 5


Patricia C. Gallagher BA, MBA
Box 561, Worcester, PA 19490 (Philadelphia suburb)  
Phone: 267-939-0365
Website for Happy Flower Day Project


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