Glad to receive this email from another Flower Lady

The Ripple Effect……M began her flower project in 2014. She knew about my “flowering petals and blooms forward” idea and she asked me about it. I had only been doing The Happy Flower Day Project for a year at that point. M  has received thousands of beautiful bouquets! I am estimating about 200 bouquets a week, so that is 800 a month, or 9600 a year and ….it has been three and a half  years for her project. Hmmm…,  that is 33,600 bouquets!

Trisha, yes, the florist is is still leaving beautiful bags of flowers for me to pick up.  I usually get about three to four bags worth of flowers. It’s wonderful. We are doing flower arrangements with different levels of care units, mostly on Mondays and Fridays. On Wednesdays, the flowers go out to our hospice patients in the community. It has been such a joy for all that get them. Will talk soon. Hope all is well with you.  M.

Pictured below are today’s flower recipients…..and my helpful little helper! Happy Flowers to all and to all a good night! IMG_1649






Patricia C. Gallagher BA, MBA
Box 561, Worcester, PA 19490 (Philadelphia suburb)  
Phone: 267-939-0365
Website for Happy Flower Day Project

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