Fun on my flowering way! Happy Flower Day!

I stopped by a WAWA convenience store to buy an apple fritter. The lady behind the counter seemed troubled by something. I think the person ahead of me in line had given her a hard time. I had some extra flowers in the car, so perfect to share with the people I meet along my way. I went out to my car. I brought in five bouquets and explained that a florist gives them to me to take to nursing homes. I asked, “Would you like one for your kitchen table? How about a few bouquets for your coworkers?” She looked at me incredulously and said, “I can put them in the break room for my coworkers.” The blooms spontaneously lifted spirits in a mini-mart. Gee, I didn’t plan that destination. Somehow old-fashioned bouquets of flowers seem to do a “happiness” trick. Every time, every bouquet, every day.

Here are a few pictures of yesterday’s visit to a nursing home – flowers for the residents loaded on a cart and a man in the parking lot who was surprised by the joy of flowers.



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