Leftovers…… (Flowers) that people don’t mind receiving!

Happy Flower Day to you! One hundred and twenty beautiful bouquets were delivered today. Where did all the flowers go? To a senior center, to a busy bus stop in Philadelphia, to a lady with health problems,  to a group of teens whom  I met at a  Dollar Tree store who were excitedly pooling their money to buy a present for their music director. They had eleven dollars. I told them that I had 13 plants – free for the taking. And 17 bouquets were put in a cart at the laundromat.  So much fun when you flower the day away!


  • I think God gave me these flowers today because I found a twenty dollar bill and gave it to the person who lost it.
  • I really needed these flowers today – to boost my mood. Bye Bye Stress. Hello Flowers!
  • I am taking these orchid plants to my neighbors in my apartment building.
  • What kind of plants are these? Can I plant them in the ground?
  • Who gave them to you?  I want to send them a thank you note.
  • I went to a memorial service today and I was feeling a bit sad. Thank you for making my day better.
  • Carrying these flowers around makes me feel better than when I take my medicine.



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