Seize the day – A Happy Strawberry Day! (Not much of a Happy Flower Day)

Here I go a-flowering – no matter what the weather! On a snowy morning as the Nor-easter was walloping the area with rain, snow and wind, I picked up the flowers. Only about 20 bouquets today and lovely plants. And in a box were a bag of potatoes, three cakes, and some oranges. And real, juicy, ripe, red fresh strawberries. Lots and lots and lots of them. Large plastic cartons were filled with  30 berries per carton,  and I had 30 cartons piled in my car. Could that be 900 juicy red plump strawberries waiting to be made into  smoothies, pies, strawberry shortcakes, or for a snack with a dab of whipped cream? (The last picture is where I dropped a carton on the street. OOPS!


I called a church that has a soup kitchen but nobody answered the phone.  I walked into a few of my favorite places where I know folks always appreciate the surprise of  flowers. And today,  the surprise of strawberries!

I thanked my lucky stars that it only took a few minutes for the treats to be “claimed” and happily carried home by smiling people. My gratitude meter was pretty high today – so grateful to to the place that donates to me and for the nice people that I meet along my way. IMG_1781

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