Since May, 2013, I have enjoyed MORNING GLORY!

You can’t top the feeling that you get with the Art of Flowering. I made an announcement at Starbucks that it was Happy Flower Day. Flowers free for the taking. I explained that a florist donates flowers. I take them wherever I may roam such as to nursing home residents, bus stops, train stations, shelters, senior centers …. where people need their days brightened. Such as the lady that told me she had just been diagnosed with bone cancer.

I was at the end of my route. I had some extra bouquets.

A man gave me a large hot chocolate. I said, “Do you work here?” He smiled and said, “I am the district manager. Let’s take a picture, and I will Tweet it out!”

Wish I knew more about Twitter so I could tweet out some neat pictures. Some of the comments made by the people at Starbucks:
• Oh, wow, today is my anniversary.
• Today is my mother’s birthday.
• Can I trade the ones that you gave me for the orange flowers? I was supposed to stop and buy orange flowers for a coworker.
• Thank you so much. You just really perked this place up. Where are they from? Who are you?


Laughter and free flowers are the best medicines that I know of!

FLOWER pic 2013 good



pic of me early flower 2013 in store

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