Let the flowers reign through a senior community today!

Today the wonderful residents got the gift of gardening without all the hard work. No need for bags of peat moss, fertilizer, hoses and pruning shears. Oh, I love the conversations.

“Patricia, can you sit for a spell with me? My grandmother had flowers like this hanging on her front porch. There was nothing fancy about that bungalow. I used to put my feet up on the railing. She did absolutely nothing, except hang the laundry on the line and talk to me, until it was time to make dinner. Neighbors stopped by, so it was a busy front porch. I remember one thing in particular. One day, a neighbor brought her a horseshoe for good luck. She let me hammer it on the wood door frame. It was no secret that she loved me. She told everybody that. She always had time to listen to me.”

ALL IN A DAY’S WORK FOR THE FLOWER LADY – Pictures of today’s adventures


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