Fresh flowering essentials – just free “feast of colors” and “festive” flowers and a smile – 150 of them today!

Life can be tough. Flowers rejuvenate the mind, body and spirit. Inside every senior is an inherent appreciation for natural beauty – like a refreshing bouquet of flowers. They say a picture tells a thousand words. Here are some photos of our delivery today and some pictures from days gone by at a senior center and a senior living apartment house.  I think the pictures show flowers look good on everybody. Now fancy that!


Resized_20180326_135942_9715Resized_20180326_135432_8792(3)Resized_20171127_151821(1)Resized_20171124_122027_8712(1)Resized_20171124_122007_5814(1)Resized_20180326_140002_585Resized_20180326_135932_5737 (1)20180326_143603120180326_1442041Resized_20180326_140228_3985Resized_20180326_140053_7260

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